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Which is the diagnostic lab in California where I get 100 percent accurate report of Covid test?

Четвер, 11:48, 22.10.20

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Gdax Diagnostic lab is the lab that is located in northern California. It is a renowned lab in California. Gdax Diagnostic lab provides 100 percent accurate report of COVID-19 test. In fact, people who want our services are increasing. We not only take less time to deliver results. But also believe in providing highly detailed and informational report. If there are any suggestions from the doctor regarding the health, we also mention it. This pandemic has caused anxiety amongst all categories. Our lab is truly dedicated to easing all your worries in this pandemic and uncertain time.

The number of workers in the first year was about 3. The next year, the number of workers had increased by 4. Afterwards the number of workers increased to 20. 

GDAX Diagnostic lab is thinking of opening 3 sub-branches. The chronological order will be as follows. Firstly, a sub-branch will open in the southern California. Secondly, a sub-branch will open in western California. Thirdly, a sub-branch will open in eastern California.   After all this is done the lab's total number would come around 6.



GDAX Diagnostic lab has extraordinary features. These make it remarkably good in the eyes of people. The features are mentioned below in the form of points.


GDAX Diagnostic lab ensures that there is no lack of area. Therefore, deliberately it was proposed to cover a huge area. Presently, GDAX Diagnostic lab has over 1000 sq. meters of land. All of this area comes under the owners of GDAX Diagnostic lab. Three-fourth of the area is used. Rest is going to be used in the next year. It will be used to make a garden. This garden will have different flowers. Some of these will be rose, petunia, marigold, sunflower, daisy, golden lily, hibiscus, orchids, lavender, irises, lilacs. A number of herbs and spices are grown.

These are - black pepper, mustard, cardamom, pepper, celery, chives, cinnamon, clove, coriander, curry, fenugreek, ginger, basil, lemon grass, nutmeg, licorice, oregano, sage, saffron, thyme, sesame, vanilla, turmeric , rosemary, poppy, paprika, fennel and many others. The employees who are new will take part in the voluntary services. These services shall be done on weekends. The new employees will nurture the plants on Saturday and Sunday. They will care for it. The time period for a single new employee will be a total of 16 hours. This will allow our new members to be involved in social services. This will allow them to be socially responsible. They will get a sense of satisfaction from this social involvement. They will also learn something about nurturing the environment.


GDAX Diagnostic lab knows the importance of space. Space is a very important factor. When a person is looking to provide a service, space plays an important factor. Space will enable staff members to function with a lot of ease and comfort. This will enhance the overall services provided by GDAX Diagnostic lab. GDAX Diagnostic lab has 4 small rooms and 5 huge-sized rooms.


In this room the refreshments will be provided. It will not include any junk food. It will only include fresh fruits and veggies. It will also include 3 new healthy dishes on alternate days of the week. This will motivate our employees to enjoy healthy food.

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